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As I mentioned yesterday, since I moved to Chicago back in 2004, I’ve been on a quest for real, authentic Thai food. I’ve been Arun\’s (tasty, but too fancy), Spoon (just okay), Star of Siam (not as authentic as I’d like, but I do love how you can get brown rice and almost everything can be made vegan), PS Bangkok (not memorable). I’ve tried Thai dishes at places like Shine, a place that we frequent for sushi but the thai food was too Americanized.

I’ve complained of this problem often to many people. No one had any good suggestions. I just could not believe Chicago, a food lover’s dream destination, did not have a single place with good, authentic Thai food!

Recently I got a recommendation about Opart. After so many disappointments I was weary. But my determination won in the end. We checked it out.

Yummy! Best Thai food I’ve had since I moved back to the states. I always order my favorite dish as a base line, the Pad Kra Praow. It is ground meat of your choice (I do chicken) sauteed with basil and hot peppers. It was by far the most authentic I’ve tasted outside of Asia. If you’re craving Thai food, you should check it out!

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