Halloween 2011

Mommy and 'Mater'

We celebrated Halloween with our annual party. This is the third year we hosted it. I hope I can handle it next year when we have another two kids at home. Already things I meant to do were forgotten – I never managed to finish my costume in time. Unfortunately it was one of those costumes I can’t use next year. I was planning on making an oven with two pieces of Challah bread in it. Adam was to be a baker. Luckily I was only out the cost of a cardboard box.

Once again Jack dressed as Lightning McQueen and Ben was his side kick Mater. Adam has become quite seasoned at trick or treating. I wondered why he walked out with an empty backpack. Later when he returned, he and Jack proudly displayed all the loot they got both in the trick or treat bag and the back pack. At least it wasn’t as much candy as we gave out. I think we got rid of 4 Costco size bags of candy and another 3 bags of store bought stuff.

This year I used my Japo’s (mother’s mother) egg roll recipe. Jack and Adam helped me roll a ton of mini hot dogs. We also had finger sandwiches, guacamole, a veggie plate and some fruit. Kind of eclectic but I enough variety that I don’t think anyone went hungry. I’m pretty sure most of the kids were on a candy only diet anyway.

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