More Sick Days

Yesterday Jack fell sick, again. It was a stomach bug that only lasted a day, but it was nasty. Everything got expelled from his stomach, any and every way it could. My very loving and concerned husband stayed with Jack at home, cleaning up expelled stuff and patiently dealing with a sick, cranky kid while I got to take Ben to do something fun. We went to the Childrens Museum. The ‘Ready, Set… Move’ exhibit recently opened and it was our first time checking it out.

By the evening Jack was feeling much better. Unfortunately this morning Ben woke up with a fever…

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2 thoughts on “More Sick Days

  1. I’m blog catching up. Love your new diet. I have intentions but have had problems finding good more than 2 or 3 ” vegan ” dishes to make it our main source, not to mention, you know how much I love food and it’s hard to give up on ‘old classics’ I will have to look at your books.
    Your dad looks awesome. I can’t believe he is 70!!!!! It feels as weird to say that as it does “I’m 38”.
    Staying at home does tend to bring the worst out in me and Helaina. Balance is a true art. — one I have yet to master.
    Miss you and love keeping up through the blog!

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