Grandpa Devensky and Auntie Doris Arrive!

After 2500 miles of driving on their journey from Seattle to Florida, we were graced with the presence of these two affable Devenskys.

The Welcome Chalk Committee

Jack and Ben waited anxiously for their arrival. The Devenskys did not disappoint. From my perch at the kitchen counter, I could hear peals of laughter downstairs. (Normally around that time in the day, as I’m banging out dinner, all I hear is crying and screaming downstairs.)

It was wonderful last night to sit around after the kids went to sleep, chatting aimlessly. Talking over the phone long distance is always a poor second to face to face chatter.

Auntie Doris, Ben, Dad and Sue

This morning we decided, after seeing the drizzle outside, to make a trip to the Field Museum. It was one of the few times I did something like this with just Ben, no Jack. I kept pointing out the buttons you could press to Ben since Jack was always interested in mechanical things like that. However, Ben was much more interested in the displays themselves. He wanted to know what things were called, what they were, where the mommas and the papas were in the empty houses, etc.

It’s fascinating to me how different the kids are, considering they are raised essentially the same. Kind of makes me wonder if I’m working too hard. Perhaps life is a bit more inborn or predestined than I originally thought? Perhaps I should tell them what to do less and sit around drinking martinis more in the afternoon. Hmmm….


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