The Purple Pig

Mom and I out for a night on the town

Last night Mom and I went out to dinner for her birthday. She turned a whopping 73 but doesn’t act a day over 30.

The choice of dining venue proves it. Even though I live in Chicago, Mom found this restaurant and had to inform me about it!

The Purple Pig was the most innovative and exotic place I’d eaten in a long time. We actually had to get my iPhone out and look up some of the words in the descriptions to figure out what it was.

The fare was heavy on the pork items. I got the feeling they just ordered the entire pig from the butcher and found a way to use it all. Pork ears, bone marrow, pig tail were a few of the things I remember from the menu.

I especially like the section labeled ‘Fried Foods’. Why bother hiding them under another label like ‘Appetizers’?

Everything we tried was delicious. If you are looking for an unusual experience and are not Jewish, I highly suggest this place. We arrived around 6:30 on a Friday night and there was about an hour wait. Also the restaurant will validate for discounted parking at NorthBridge or 50 East Erie.

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