Nothing can be Everything

For all my talk of fun places to visit in Chicago, sometimes the best thing to do is go exploring all the wide open green spaces along the lakefront.

Gang of Four

Jack and Angus have gotten to an age where they make their own fun. From all my parenting books I’ve learned that free wheeling, creative play promotes executive function, the thing that later on teaches you self-regulation. Today they ‘shot’ dragonflies, pretended to put Ben in hot lava and turned Max into ice.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing can be Everything

  1. I’m kind of tired in an overwhelmed sort of way by reading about all your activities. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant (and I’m playing catch up with your blog) or because I have a girl that is considerable younger than Jack, or I’ve adjusted to Hawaiian life. Whatever it is, I have a sneaking suspicion that I will need to amp up my energy level as Helaina get’s older. Hopefully my energy will gear up as necessary.
    I love reading about all the things you all have gotten into this summer. I hope your visit with your mom was good.

  2. Ha ha ha. I distinctly remember having dinner with Sara when you got engaged. I was so exhausted. Then she had four kids and I couldn’t believe she even had time to go to dinner, much less the energy to be so charming! I told her as much and she said to me, ‘I felt the same way when I had one. But you just build up to it.”

    Mom kept talking about you on the trip. The key phrase was ‘most improved’. I guess you’ve finally redeemed yourself in her eyes.

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