Under Armour All American Baseball Game

A little surprise perk of signing up for Lil Sluggers this summer were the free tickets to the Under Armour All American Baseball Game at Wrigley Field.

The Gang Sitting Right Behind Home Plate

This is a game played by the best high school players in America. And Canada. Besides us Lil Sluggers families, there were lots of scouts there watching the players.

Scouts with their Radar Guns

Because it was not crowded, we were able to run around the entire stadium. This kids loved this. It didn’t matter how many snacks we had, they were itching to check the place out.

Look How Close We Got to the Field!

Traditionally, after the game they let the kids on the field to run the bases. Since it rained most of the game they cancelled it. Now that I know about it, I’m definitely going to try to go next year. Running the bases at Wrigley is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I don’t want my kids to miss!


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