Friendship is a funny thing. I’ve lived so many different lives in so many different cities and I’ve picked people up every place I’ve been. Some have stayed around and some have disappeared. You never know who will become a real friend and who won’t for many years after meeting the person. But no matter how many people I meet, there is nothing more heartwarming about the feeling you get when you realize someone is becoming a good friend. That ‘ah-ha’ moment when it dawns on you that this person has some staying power.

Jack and Grant at the Morton Arboretum, May 2010

I had that feeling today when a friend of mine shlepped 45 minutes to the Morton Arboretum to meet us. She gave birth to her third child nine days ago. Nine days ago! And it’s her third! And it’s 45 minutes away! Her oldest is Jack’s age and I’m pleased to say joining him next year at his pre-school. Her second is Ben’s age. I missed the boat on matching our third kids together. Maybe I’ll catch up for her fourth?

Jack and Grant at the Morton Arboretum, August 2011

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