Finally! The Beach

I know summer started over a month ago. And for weeks now it’s been the kind of heat wave just perfect for beach weather. But so far it hasn’t worked out to organize a day for one of my favorite summer past times, beach days.

Digging a huge hole is hours of entertainment

From our house it’s only a 20 minute jog in the stroller so we took advantage of the chance to multi-task, exercising our way to our destination. And miss out on the expensive and limited parking.

Since this was the first beach visit this year, the changes from last year were quite noticeable. Jack has completely lost his fear of water and is on his way to becoming a swimmer.

Conquering the Water

Ben, on the other hand, did not change much from last year. He is still eating lots of dirt. He face planted a few times, and some were even on purpose! Luckily it’s Ben and nothing seems to upset him.

Sandy Faced Ben with the Hancock Building Behind

The Chicago Beaches are great. Most are wheel chair accessible. Ben is sitting in front of the ramp that goes all the way to the water and there are little alcoves to park your stroller on. Also North Avenue Beach has bathroom in the fake boat structure as well as a place to eat and a small convenience store. And don’t forget the outdoor showers. It’s the only way to clean off a bit before heading home. Did I mention the ice cream peddlers come by often?

Morning Ice Cream Break

It was a great prelude to our trip to the Cayman Islands, where I plan to spend every day on the pristine and practically private beach in front of our resort. An endless sandpit + an endless amount of water = an endless amounts of fun.

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