Adams Playground Park

We are very lucky in Chicago to have such an incredible Park District. If I wanted to, I could go to a different playground every day for the summer. In fact I have a friend doing just that! In August my friend Mistie is launching Playground Pointers, a website directory on public playgrounds. If you want to learn more now, you can ‘like’ her facebook page to get updates on the progress. If the site is anything like the woman, it will be thoughtful, thorough and interesting.

Some are better than others and every day I’m so happy we are lucky enough to live close to Adams Playground Park.

Jack with his Cutie Patootie Friend Josephine

In the summer there is a great water park, separated by a gate. Big enough for pre-teens to enjoy and safe enough for toddlers.

Ben give Mommy a Hat

It also has a great sand box with lots of toys that are there permanently.

Soft surface, swings, a see saw, picnic benches and two play structures.

And most importantly, it has a bathroom! The bathroom has hours, only open from 9-5 during the week and sometimes if you are lucky there are weekend hours.

Be warned, one of the entrances has no gate. Also, the water park is only open certain hours. Check the schedule before you go so you don’t disappoint your kids! There is a link on the park district website for Adams Park.

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