So What Did I Do with all the Strawberries?

Besides eating them plain and giving some to friends and family….

1. The first night I was able to make them appealing with simple additives. Dessert for the family was strawberries with chocolate syrup, strawberries with a side of sugar for dipping, strawberries and vanilla ice cream and for myself … Strawberry Daiquiri! Simply made with ice, strawberries, raspberry vodka (but I hear most people use rum), dash of lemon juice, and a packet of Splenda.

2. The next morning, Crepes. I can’t believe how easy it was! I used this simple crepe recipe, which I changed to 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and 1/2 all purpose flour. Inside I either put nutella and strawberries or strawberries and whatever jelly you have in your fridge. I had Orange Fig jam. We also used them in morning for Strawberry and Oatmeal Smoothies.

3. For dinner we had Strawberry and Mozzarella Salad as a side.

4. Since my husband’s birthday was the next day, we made birthday cake with fresh strawberry and jam filling…

Adam's Birthday Cake

Then I let Jack decorate it…

Cake with Jack's Artistic touches

5. My sister called after seeing all the strawberries to tell me JAM! According to her, if it makes 5 cups squished then I’m in business. After hearing her out, I realized that would involve a whole new level of kitchen savvy. And a bunch of utensils I don’t have if I want to can. But in the end I couldn’t resist, I found a recipe that just used sugar, strawberries and lemon juice. I also didn’t can it, just made a small, 3 cup batch, baked up some whole wheat biscuits and ate them up for breakfast. Yummy!

I’m down to 1/2 a basket. Wish me luck. My goal, after seeing how hard it is to pick them, is NOT TO WASTE ONE SINGLE STRAWBERRY.

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