What’s on your Facebook newsfeed?

Mostly pictures of kids and food, travel, with the occasional alcoholic beverage mixed in. Is this what my life has become? How did everyone become as boring as I have? Ten years ago my face would have been loaded with pictures of me dancing on bars and junk trips in Hong Kong.

Facebook is a funny thing. There is no one out there without an opinion on it.

Personally I love it. My life and perhaps everyone’s life (which is why it’s so popular) has made it the most incredible, perfect thing for the times.

Here is why…

1. As a stay at home mom, I have no free time. I do my job 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If there is a moment to myself, it is but a moment. Facebook only takes a moment. I can be distracted and even drunk and still find something that makes me smile.

2.  I hate to lose people. But I’ve lived so many lives in so many different places. Boca, Gainesville, Hong Kong, Shanghai and now Chicago. At our wedding we had people from at least 12 countries and over 14 different states. I miss my friends from across the globe. And I have no time for lengthy emails or time difference phone calls. But I love when they post important news. I want to hear it. I hope they realize that.

3. I was trying to explain how great I needed to look for my high school reunion this July. My husband, whose reunion we went to three years ago, pointed out to me that people at his reunion looked older, fatter, divorced, more unhappy so he was sure it would be the same at my reunion. Did I mention he’s a bit of a dinosaur? He’s not on facebook. If you are, you would know that I’M FROM BOCA! People may be divorced but they are NOT fatter! It’s SOUTH FLORIDA for goodness sake! Thank you facebook for spying for me.

4. Entertainment value. What is greater than reality TV with your own friends on?

5.  I hardly ever post things, but I do use it to keep up my monthly photos. It’s so easy! Everyone, even non-facebookies can see it.  It’s a very passive and non-intrusive way to keep news on your life updated for anyone who is interested, available anytime they have time or interest.

Anyone else out there want to talk about facebook? I’m curious to know what people’s befriending criteria is. And what sort of censors they have for posting. And how they discovered it. And honestly, how much time do you waste on it? If you aren’t on it, why not?!

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