Thanks for coming to check out my new blog!

Unfortunately, Network Solutions managed to completely lose it this afternoon. Even though it took me a month to configure I’m back to square one. Bear with me. I’ll fix it as fast as I can….I’m sorry if you commented. It was lost. If you subscribed. It was lost too.

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3 thoughts on “Thanks for coming to check out my new blog!

  1. Occupational hazard I guess! I was telling one of my sis about “mindful drivel”. Love it. I think it sounds better than that other tag you were thinking about –“moms that drink.” p.s. What ‘cha reading just now?

  2. Jennie – I’ve been eye balling ‘The Glass Castle” for a while but it’s hard to pick anything after my last book, “Half the Sky”. I’m open for suggestion….

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