Turning Points

In the typical day of the stay at home mom, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes it’s best to just step out of the way and let whatever happens happen. It’s days like that when you really get a chance to see your kids for who they are. Today was a rainy afternoon with nothing to do and no play dates. I was a bit nervous how an afternoon in the house would play out, but I tried it anyway. Some afternoons the boys spend the entire time fighting over the same toy, some afternoons they ignore each other, but lately I’ve noticed a change. They are starting to play with each other. Since my sister is one of my best friends, when I see stuff like this it make me happy and weepy at the same time. But instead of cry, I did what I always to – get the camera out!

Hugging in the Hallway

Growing up is a funny thing. It’s gradual at first, then, after a while it becomes second nature. If you aren’t careful you might just miss the change.

Jack Trying to Teach Ben How to Give a Kiss

There is definitely a new maturity in both kids. Jack is nicer and more empathic to Ben, and Ben actually realizes he has a older brother and by the laws of nature he must spend the next 15 or so years of his life chasing after him and looking up to him.

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