End of School Days

School is out for the summer!!!

Having a kid in school makes me remember the incredibly wonderful feeling that the end of school brings. Accomplishment, the sense of everything easing up a bit, the thought of balmy hot days and endless ways to waste them.

All these end of school day festivities seem to signal that summer fun is about to begin! Here is Jack dunking his P.E. teacher. Pretty good aim for a 4-year old, eh?

Dunk Tank at Field Day

Finding Jack’s first school was an exercise not that dissimilar to a trying to find your way blind folded to the nearest Starbucks. There are so many pre-schools in the city to choose from. Location is key but you are willing to go a bit further if the menu or service is better at a Starbucks further away.

After this first year I’m pleased to say I feel we’ve chosen well. Jack has learned a lot. He’s also met many nice kids that he gets to hang out with every week day.

Family Picnic (in the library due to rain)

I was so proud of this crown Jack made for me I wore it all the way home. A non-english speaking construction worker with a wide toothless grin called me ‘Diana’. I regally gave him a royal wave back.

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