Adam and I have an unlikely story. We met on his 34th birthday on a hot balmy night in Jamaica. We were both there for a wedding. For Adam it was his college roommate. For me it was a family friend of my mother’s. She is Chinese but born and raised in Jamaica. (Check her out in the tree below, panel one).

I never thought I’d ever see him again after the wedding. He lived in Chicago, I had just moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai, a dream I’d had for a long time.

Adam thought otherwise and told me right away that I would come to Chicago. No one forewarned me that Adam, behind his nice guy facade, was a formidable force to be reckoned with. No one mentioned that he negotiated for a living. (He is using his Jedi Mind trick on me in panel 4).

In fact, the only comments I got about Adam were from my gay friend about shape of Adam’s body (Tom, whispering to me in panel 1).

Six months after we met I accepted his invitation to move to Chicago. We were married in 2006.

In that short amount of time we have given birth to four beautiful boys. Jack in 2007, Ben in 2009 and twins Sam and Aaron in 2012.

Below is the cartoon we had made for our wedding pamphlet…

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  1. Niks,

    I read all of it. I had trouble shrinking the pictures. They are very big on the original page.

    I really liked the way you wrote everything and how easily the words flowed. I consider myself an unbiased reviewer, and know I have said it like it is.


  2. Nicky, i just got a VPN so a lot of things that were off limit are now possible ! I put Jane’s address so she can get your blog also…Xav

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