New Experiences

IMG_4651Yesterday I took the kids to a bigger park, Adam’s Park. Now that they are dropping their naps I have the morning to play.

It was a day of firsts. For me, covering two kids this age with no gates was a challenge I’ve never had before.

For the twins they experienced their first sand box. I knew Sam would be fine, but thought it might be a problem for Aaron since he likes to put everything in his mouth. I was pleased to report they both did well. It made me realize that if I wanted to, I could take them to the beach with the older boys. I’m just not sure I want to make such a colossal effort yet.

A woman asked me at the park today if they were twins. She said she sees me all the time in the park with all my kids, chasing them with my camera. You have so many, how many do you have?” she asked.

IMG_4652“Four.” I replied.

“Is that four plus the twins?”

No, I don’t have six kids. That would be crazy. That would show intent to have such a large family, when clearly what is going on here is an accident.

Or maybe I should have just went with it. Okay, yes lady, I have six kids. You see me all the time because I live in the house down the street. You know the one. The one that is shaped like a shoe?


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