Kindergarden Graduation

Okay, I get it people. After seeing the show, I now take back all the snide comments about having a graduation for kindergardeners.

“What’s next, will they give Jack a metal for counting to 10?”

“This is what is wrong with America, they give out trophies even when your team doesn’t win!”

Today we went to a 2 hour kindergarden graduation show that was adorable, entertaining, funny, and heartfelt.

The class did sung us “Open Your Heart” by Laurie Berkner, complete with matching movements.

Next they entertained us with a play called “The Tinker.” Jack had 2 lines of his own, as well as many group lines. It was interesting to watch him up there. So many of the kids were so expressive and vocal. He was shy, but not painfully so. And he looked at us often for approval. I discovered who he was a bit more by watching him onstage today. I’m pleased that he is going to a Fine Arts Magnet. I think it will really help him in life. Learning to feel comfortable in front of an audience is a great lesson to learn, especially so early in life.

DSC_0053They sung and danced to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”.

The class also had a slide show of pictures, and a video of all the kindergardeners answering questions like what they wanted to be when they grew up. Most of the girls wanted to be veterinarians. Jack wanted to be a truck driver.

Finally they marched them one by one across the stage to with “Pomp and Circumstance” playing in the background to receive their diplomas.


Afterwards the 1st graders treated us to a reception in the gym.

DSC_0095Then I was down to one kid for a kindergarden lunch organized by our friend Rebecca. It was lovely to feel so free. I actually SAT DOWN to eat and had real, adult conversation.

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