The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

Jack lost another tooth today. He already has his bottom two permanent teeth so I assumed the top two would go next. Oddly, it was the tooth next to the top front two.

He did it while biting into a strawberry. He bled and he cried. And once again, he was scared of the tooth fairy flying into his window. Last time we gave him a roll of coins to put in his piggy bank, but even the lure of money couldn’t abate his fears.

This time I decided to try an old trick that my father used to do to me. When the tooth fairy visited our house, it was never as simple as just waking up to money under your pillow.

Elaborate ruses were concocted. One time he wrapped all my money in a box, then a bigger box, then a bigger box and well, you get the idea. Often I would have to follow a trail of clues. Once he ended the search with my money in a jar at the bottom of the pool. I had to get my bathing suit on and jump in for it.

So last night, after he was safely tucked away in his bed, I decided to make my own treasure hunt for him. I photocopied a drawing of our upstairs floor plan and then used a red crayon to mark the different places he’d have to search for clues. For example, one led to the dining room table. The clue was taped under it.

Finally he found the money with the last clue. He loved it so much he wanted to put all the clues back so he could share them them with his friends!

Prices went up since the Tooth Fairy Visited Me!!!

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