Spread Thin

Watching the Cows get Milked

Thursday was one of those days were I tried to do too much and as a result felt like a failure at everything.

I was planning on meeting my friends Hedy and Elissa at the Nature Museum. I knew that Jack had a school field trip planned that day at the farm. But in truth, I couldn’t help chaperone because I couldn’t walk the long walk, and with Ben it’s very hard to watch even one other kid, much less a group. I was worried I would be more trouble then help. So I decided not to go.

But in the morning, Jack asked if I was going. Then he asked Ben if he wanted to go. Ben said over and over again all morning, “Yeah! yeah! I want to go to the farm with Jack!”

What should I do? I didn’t want to disappoint Jack and Ben. But I wanted to meet my friends too!

I decided to go meet Hedy and Elissa first, then meet Jack later. But when I dropped Jack as school the teacher told me she didn’t know how long they would be there and if I was coming later, call first. As I was driving to the Museum, I drove past the class walking on the street. Ugh.

I called Hedy and rearranged, I’d go meet Jack first then meet Hedy and Elissa.

Luckily I found a great spot right outside the farm. Thank goodness I wouldn’t need to walk much. Sometimes when I stand the pressure on my bladder, legs and ligaments is so painful I want to double over in pain.

Hedy and Elissa came by the farm instead of the museum, much to my relief. Very nice of them to change their plans to accommodate me.

Ben jumped in their stroller and Jack ran off with his friends. I knew at this point the teacher had seen me and I was suppose to keep track of him myself. What to do? I was spread too thin.

Picnic Lunch at the Farm

Pretty soon it was lunch time. I set Jack up with lunch, then went back to the car to get mine and Ben’s lunch. I left Ben with other chaperones for just a minute, so I thought. There was a tow truck trying to hook itself to my brand new mini van! I got there just in time to move it to the nearest lot, all of a sudden $14 to park seemed cheap. But it was another walk, now I’ve left both my kids in someone else’s care. I’m sure at this point everyone is resenting me.

Finally Jack’s school decided to head to a near by park after lunch. I got Ben in the car and drove over. Of course, Ben fell asleep in the car. So again had to bother the other chaperones to contact Jack and tell him I couldn’t make it.

Normally when I have a day that doesn’t work out as great as it could have, I try to learn from it and move on. Be more decisive. Know your limits. But with the twins birth looming right around the corner it seems all my emotions and thoughts are magnified.

How will I do all the things I want to and add another two kids onto that?

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