Look Who Popped Into Town

I love Facebook. My friends and family are spread across the globe. I no longer have the time to write lengthy emails to all of them about my life and ask what’s going on in theirs. So thank goodness for Facebook. I can look at it when I want, make a few comments so people know I’m still in touch and interested. I can also connect with old friends I haven’t seen for ages.

A few months ago I saw an old friend from high school and college write that he was in Chicago. I asked him to ring me next time he was in town. And guess who we had dinner with Saturday night?

Danny Milinkovic!

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One thought on “Look Who Popped Into Town

  1. wow!! such a fun time, thanks so much…great to reconnect, ooohhh so cold!! good luck with the next few and for sure looking forward to rallying again!!

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